Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Review: Steps to Heaven by Wendy Cartmell

Sergeant Major Crane is a Special Investigations Branch Investigator in the Armed Forces, based at Aldershot Garrison. The military detail in this book is superb, even down to the smallest of details.

I liked Crane instantly, his no-nonsense approach is just fantastic - bordering on comical at times. I liked the way that I also got an insight into his personal life as well, it really helped to build him as a character.

His team - Billy and Kim seem to have differences between them but both strive to do a good job for Crane - doing whatever it takes!

The incident that they are called out to is so horrific that Crane just can’t let it go, it is deemed as case closed and he is sent to investigate another incident. Only to find himself called back to that first case after another incident occurs miles away.

He enlists the help of Padre Symonds and ’civvy’ police Detective Anderson determined to get to the bottom of these incidents. I liked both of these characters and loved the way that the Padre was loving playing ‘detective’!! Anderson on the other hand had his hands full - trying to stop Crane who sometimes was a little harsh with people!

The story was great, as I started piecing bits together something else would appear or not quite add up - to be honest at one point I thought that we were never going to catch up with ‘Zachariah’. It was a bit slow starting but once I got into the storyline I was hooked.

I think the final showdown scene was fantastic and was so happy with the ending! It’ll be nice to ‘catch up’ with Crane in the next instalment of the series

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