Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Review: Henry Wood Detective Agency by Brian Meeks

Henry Wood is a detective, we see him bringing in the New Year with more of a groan than a bang! His cases are predictable and safe. Heading to his office on New Years Day with nothing to do but needing somewhere to go and nurse his vodka fuelled hangover his fireworks are just about to start!

We are introduced to Luna, a lady who is looking for her father who's strict routine has been broken - and he seems to have disappeared! I instantly liked Luna, there seemed to be an 'air' around her and her instant trust in Henry - I knew it was going to be good.

I liked the fact that we find out that Henry enjoys making things out of wood - things that he doesn't know what they are called or what they are for but he just enjoys making them, usually in books when they go off the main subject it bugs me, in this book however I found it quite endearing and enjoyed reading about it as much as the main storyline.

Henry is a good detective and soon finds some clues, but he is surprised to discover that he is not the only person wanting to find Luna's father.

We see Sylvia who has lost her own father trying to save her fathers name. Henry is reluctant to trust that everything is as it seems when it comes to Sylvia but that all changes.

Henry receives some clues in quite an unorthodox manner - that in itself is a mystery (one which I'm sure we will discover more about in future books) and again this had me quite hooked.

I won't give anymore away about the actual storyline itself - you'll have to read to find out! I will however say that it had me intrigued throughout, it is one of those books that the more you read, the more you want to find out.

As well as wanting to read about what's next for Henry, I'm also intrigued about the other characters and where they're stories will end up.

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