Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Review: In The Presence Of Gods by Vincent Alascia

The storyline to this book is solidly built and flows nicely, there is no wandering off the path to the story, everything written is relevant and builds a strong story.

Theron and Ariadne are the two main characters, they are deeply in love but have been separated by college choices (and their parents!) although at times it seems that their relationship is strong but both have doubts as to whether it will survive across the continents. They luckily have two goddesses to hand to help guide them, I especially liked the scenes where the goddesses came to visit them.

I liked the way that the two goddesses, Aphrodite and Athena were half sisters who had differences of opinions on everything, but that all changed after Zeus’s revelation that threatened to end the world as they all knew it.

I enjoyed the fact that I was reading about the ancient Greek gods in modern times, the setting was very up to date - even including a reference to twitter!

I don’t want to give any more away about the book but found it a very intriguing read, with love, lies and life changing decisions.

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