Friday, 18 November 2011

Review: The Case of The Flashing Fashion Queen by N.L.Wilson

Loved this, a perfect balance of a good detective story, murder mystery, humour and even a little romance.

Dix Dodd is a Private Investigator who has stepped away from being ‘the girl’ to the men at the office and has branched out on her own, now specialising in discovering cheating spouses with a kick-ass attitude.

I immediately liked Dix, she is a determined lady, determined to prove everyone that doubted her wrong.

The storyline was good and it was fast paced which just made me want to read more and more, I couldn’t reach the end quick enough - I needed to find out!

And I really enjoyed the ending - it was a true Poirot style with everyone gathered together and the wonderful Dix centre stage. Not forgetting her trusted side-kick Dylan. I am left with the question as to whether romance will blossom, and just who was he on the phone to?!!

I liked the quick-witted humour in the book, not only from Dix and Dylan but from some of the other characters too. Each of the characters all played an integral part to the book and I hope that we get to see most of them again.

I really enjoyed reading this book and I will have to continue reading the rest of the Dix Dodd Series

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