Monday, 9 May 2011

Review: Freaked Out Horror by Tom Raimbault

Freaked Out Horror

This book is fantastic, With 25 Stories I just found it great, I cannot wait until I can get a paperback copy as this is the type of book that you can read over and over again! And is handy to carry with you at all times as you will want to pick it up as often as you can!! I spent hours sat reading story after story and then snuck stories in in between doing jobs!!

I just love Tom's unique writing style and the Preface at the beginning of the book is almost like a story in itself. Tom has an incredible imagination and the way he conveys it to paper is just truely captivating.

I could spend hours waffling on about each story but I feel that I would spoil too much for you - the reader. And I can't pick a favourite story either as it too close to call, Fear of Needles however had me gripped and I had to read it all in one go!! The stories in this book really get your mind going and no matter what your age make you want to ensure your feet are tucked inside your duvet and think about what it is that goes bump in the night!!!

I must say that I'm very upset at not being one of those lucky co-workers that received emails baring the words 'Hello All'

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