Sunday, 25 December 2011

Review: The 19th Element by John Betcher

I really enjoyed this book - straight from the off I liked John Becker our main character. Now in a small town where he can finally live in peace using his own name after being with Special Operations for years, but being a lawyer isn’t always the most interesting of jobs for him. When a university professor is found murdered he goes for a look round but finds more than he bargained for!

With missing scientific equipment, his daughter in danger and a feeling in his ‘gut’ that this could be terrorists behind it all he sets off trying to convince his local police contact to believe him. And luckily for John, his loving wife Beth and friend Bull are backing him completely.
This book has plenty of action, drama and suspense. I also liked the way that the author described some of the more ‘technical’ aspects mentioned in the book so I had a real understanding about what could happen and how it was happening, for me this made it even better.
It was a fast paced book which towards the end I just couldn’t read quick enough - the build up to those final few chapters just made me want to find out how this book was going to end. I will definitely be getting the next book in the series.


  1. this looks good..what book in the series is it? hmm i will need to research it..since i am anal about reading them in order...Happy holidays :)

  2. 19th Element is first; then Missing Element; then Covert Element. Thanks for reading!

    John L. Betcher