Monday, 5 December 2011

Review: Light Under The House by Aaron L

Light Under the House is the saga of an American family—the Levis, a family of secrets. None greater than the secret of what lies under their house, a secret that could destroy them. A secret that an ancient evil will stop at nothing to uncover. The novel follows the Levi family line for a generation, exploring lives lived in the aftermath of the cultural rebellion of the late 1960's.

I mean bizarre in a good way. This book is full of mystery and suspense, I literally had no idea where this book was going or where it was going to end but that made me enjoy it even more. I enjoyed the balance of history and travelling through the different periods of time across the generations. I foune that the more I read, the more I wanted to read.

I enjoyed reading about the different heads of the Levi family and the different stories that came with them. I loved reading about Sarai and Tanis and seeing how the help offered to Sarai from Tanis soon transformed into something very very different and enjoyed seeing how this developed.

I especially liked the ending and enjoyed seeing John’s realisation and couldn’t help but hope that everything worked out for him.

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