Saturday, 7 January 2012

Review: Heart of Glass by Christy Hayes

I absolutely loved this book. I enjoyed the fact that it was almost in two halves, we started off with the past and then moved on to the present.

You can tell right from the very beginning that sparks are going to fly between Danny and Kat, I really enjoyed reading the banter between them when they met. The way they both tried to hold back they're feelings towards each other - I was so pleased when they finally gave in!

The scenes with Danny's brother Kyle were so endearing to read, the author did a wonderful job of getting across just how much Kyle meant to Danny. And I thought that Kat's instant bonding with him was great too. I even found that I enjoyed it when Danny was explaining to Kat how to do the wall ramming - it was just so nice to see them getting closer and Kat really did show an interest.

The abrupt end to Kat and Danny's relationship was one of those points where I found myself going 'noooo' and honestly could not see how the present was going to pan out.

I don't want to give too much more away about the storyline but thought that the second half of the book just accelerated even more. It really is packed full of emotions; anger, hurt, love, passion, regret - it was that well written that as I was reading I literally could feel the emotions. I was hoping and praying that Kate and Danny could have a second chance.

This wasn't just a simple love story, there was more complexity to the storyline than just that, friendships & families and the consequences that they're actions can have as well as the influences they can make on people's lives just to name a few.

The depths in places of the sub story lines were just fantastic, I know I've already mentioned that it was well written but I honestly felt as though I was there living it out with them. The author has really made me feel that I actually know the characters and if I'm honest I'm missing them already! I don't know if there are any plans for us to hear any more from the characters from this book but I really hope that we do.

I also thought the description of the setting and surroundings was fantastic, it was written in such an amazing way that I felt as though I could feel the heat of summer, the breeze of the ocean, even the feel of the warm sand. I literally was there!

This book is definitely a MUST read and also one that you'll want to read over and over again

RUN and grab a copy now:

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