Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Review: Masks and Malice by Ronald S Barrios

When Rey is hired by Pam Lorado to find out about her fourteen year old daughter's boyfriend, Carter, he learns that the kid is a drug dealer. But that takes a backseat when Carter is found murdered in his own car. Then Pam's ex husband Peter, who would rather be a friend to his daughter than a parent, is gunned down in front of Rey's office. Both Carter and Peter have a connection to another drug dealer named Seth who is crazy enough to kill a kid.

I instantly liked Rey, there was something about him, to look at he probably looks like a thug yet there is a great big heart inside, his need to have every loose end tied up also appealed to me because as soon as I read that bit in the book I knew that I wasn’t going to be left wondering about things after I’d finished reading. I especially enjoyed the scenes with Rey and Travis later on in the book, it was lovely to read.
The storyline was great - fairly fast paced with lots of action and lots of people in the mix - It’s one of those that I didn’t guess the ending and I always enjoy those more. There is some very well placed sub plots in here alongside the main one and I really enjoyed them too. I hope that we get to hear more from Rey in another book?

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