Sunday, 6 February 2011

Review: Dead Game by Claire Kinton

I didn’t think it was possible to love a book this much!! Well worth every penny

Ok, so when I opened this book to start reading it I had no idea what it was about, I’d seen Claire tweeting about it and told her I’d buy a copy which I did, when it arrived I didnt even read the blurb, so two nights ago I settled down to make a start reading it – after the Author’s Note I found myself intrigued, The first chapter got straight into the story – it started off how I’d imagined it would however by the end of the chapter I was as confused as Archie!!

The novel then continues flowing perfectly between current day and Archie’s past, I found I needed to read more and more as I wanted to know what had happened and what was happening, I found the characters were very easy to like and found myself easily immersed inbetween them, it was as if I was actually there alongside them all. I could barely put the book down, the time seemed to just fly when I was reading it, it was like I was lost in with them.

The book is the perfect mix of things that we can relate to and this mythical world where nothing is quite as it seems – the only way I can think of to describe it at the moment is – an adults fairytale. However upon saying that -  in most ‘fairytales’ the story and characters aren’t very believeable – however I found all aspects of this story believeable and not only that but it really did intrigue me as I was reading it I found myself wondering what else there was out there and in fact I still am even after I’ve finished it.

Dead Game is beautifully written and is a unique story it is a very positive book, and draws on the positives even when the situation or topic isn’t, alot of that comes from the author herself though I think, It really is a fantastic read and I’m very excited as I don’t have long to wait until the sequel is out as ‘Waiting Game’ is coming this year – I already have an inkling what it’s about – I’ll have to wait and see whether I’m right or not!!

Dead Game is a MUST read for everyone – even if Fantasy isn’t normally your preferred genre I would definately give this book a try – it reaches out to your soul and pulls at your heartstrings and reassures you that Hope is always with you

One more point to note – Claire supports SSAFA Forces Help and Help For Heroes and a donation from every book sold goes to both Charities

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