Saturday, 26 February 2011

Review: Tego Arcana Dei ~ Keeping God’s Secret by A.Man

I found this book really intriguing – the storyline is gripping. I enjoyed the fact that the book was set in lots of different locations and felt as though I was literally travelling to those locations alongside James.  I found it real food for thought as some of the aspects and points made in the book are very relevent and some just get your mind thinking! I am unsure if parts of the book are actually based on real life facts but it has made me want to find out!

If I’m honest there was too much sex in the book!! I understand that it was also part of James’s journey but felt at times it was taking away from the main storylines of the book, It is a fast paced book and I liked the way it explored different times and flicked between these times. I don’t know if A.Man has written any more books but I would definately like to read more from him.

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