Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Review: Ghost of a Threat by Beth Dolgner

In this book we meet Betty ’Boo’ Boorman, a paranormal investigator who spends her Saturday nights with ghosts instead of guys! We see her forced to join forces with Carter Lansford from a rival paranormal investigation team, to investigate a spirit with a difference, this leads them to work together on a case where it’s not the spirits that they need to watch out for.
This book isn’t just another Paranormal Romance - it is a Unique Paranormal Romance, which was very refreshing to read.
I really enjoyed this book, the storyline was well thought out and instantly gripped me and once I started reading I found I couldn’t stop! There was times when I felt as though I was literally in the scenes with them.
It was brilliantly written and just flowed so well between the paranormal aspects and romance aspects. As well as the paranormal romance there was some humour and action, it really was non-stop - I loved it!!
I cannot wait to read the second instalment of the Betty Boo series and find out what’s in store for her next.

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