Thursday, 16 December 2010

Review: The Dollification of Mrs Martz by Tom Raimbault

‘On brisk, autumn morning; Kimberly Martz was abducted in a forest preserve near her home. She was brought to place to be transformed into a life-sized doll, then owned and objectified. Sometimes men like to play naughty games with a doll. In these moments, a doll cannot say, “No!” She must remain silent and play along’

This ebook is a short story, it’s well written and not too short!! Even though it’s a short story it has everything a story should have – a beginning, a (sexy) middle, and an ending (which made me smile!) Well worth a read.

As you may have guessed from the short description above it’s an erotica short story so if you want to check it out you have to be over 18!!

Check it out here:

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