Friday, 26 November 2010

Review: The Tree Goddess by Tom Raimbault

When Tom first sent me a message saying would you like to have a look at my novel, my thought was, I’ll have a read of the first couple of chapters and then tell him it’s not for me, for some reason, I don’t know why the title of ‘The Tree Goddess’ just didn’t seem to appeal to me, however after going to sleep at 2am having read the first 50 pages I was intrigued and wanted to read more.

I liked the way that at the beginning he explains where the inspiration for the novel came from and the fact that it was originally separate short stories to go on a blog, and I also liked the way it was divided into sections which all interlinked. Following the introductions the storyline quickly got going, and it was easy to get into, it is well written and fairly fast paced, I liked the little commentary asides along the way too.

The book was descriptive and I could picture the image of the Tree Goddess, and I loved the detailing of the scenery around Mapleview. At one point I could almost smell the coffee in the coffee house! The characters and their backgrounds were also described well and I found I had an instant liking to the main character Mary and at times was willing her on. If I’m honest though there were a couple of scenes in the book which to me were extremely weird and slightly disturbing, had it not been for those then I would have enjoyed it more, having said that I still continued reading the book as I needed to find out how it ended, and on the subject of the ending it left me thinking – is there going to be a sequel? As I think there is still unfinished business that is left to read.

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